Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are


Our vision is of a peaceful, motivated and progressive association that caters for the less privileged Children and Members and their families living in harmony with their communities for the expected National Development in meeting the SDGs.



Community Initiative for Peace and Children’s Foundation exists to serve as development-oriented action and support voice and children welfare organisation, which collaboratively provide solutions and positive change for the development and progress of the less privileged members and their families.


What We Do



Providing work, training, and education to the unemployed, underemployed, elderly, youth, and disadvantaged in pursuit of our mission.


-Child protection

Providing technical assistance to cities and communities to improve their protection of the Children of Sierra Leone with sustainable educational and health interventions and encouraging sound environmental management activities like planting trees and caring for forests ecosystem and biodiversity.



Listening to people and responding to their diverse needs in making decisions especially those that affects children


Impact Stories

Rendering help during corona pandemic

preventing the children and youths from corona virus

A Brighter Future — For Children

helping school children with basic needs